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What is a Tester Perfume

Testers are commonly used in classic perfumeries to test the aroma. Hence the name Tester as they are more saturated and durable.

Is there a difference between the tester and the standard product in our store?

In our online store there is a difference between TESTER and Product in advertising packaging:

Our perfumes in advertising packaging are branded products with a reduced concentration of the essence and their durability is between 8 and 10 hours, their appearance is completely original as: box, bottle, fragrance.

They are deliberately created with a lower concentration of the essence in order to be at these preferentially low prices and of course to be accessible to the mass consumption of the customers.

The testers are 100% original products and are in white transport boxes on which they are printed; brand, product model, milliliters and barcode for item recognition. The testers have their full concentration of the essence and their durability is up to 24 hours


TESTERS are often not for sale to end customers, but are intended for sale to wholesalers. Making the tester's packaging is not so colorful and interesting. It differs from the standard product in that it is packed in a white transport box or in a recycled cardboard box, and there are cases when there are no caps on the sprayer, but with a cardboard or plastic protector around the sprayer. If you do not need the perfume as a gift or you do not have a special preference and attitude towards the boxes of the items, in general, the Tester is the ideal choice.

In case you are buying perfume for an occasion, a gift, it is more appropriate to order a standard product in original advertising packaging.


Perfumes in ECO packaging (without colorants) are more saturated than other perfumes and with possible differences in packaging and / or cap. A small percentage of the items may be missing and the packaging may be a transport box (recycled cardboard). Perfume with ECO packaging is a very good opportunity for the end user to enjoy their favorite fragrance at a much better price than the standard product that is available in retail stores.

Take a look at our range of perfumes and eau de toilette. If you accidentally fail to find what you are looking for, contact us. We will assist you and inform you about the availability of your chosen fragrance.

Greetings and happy shopping!


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