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Eco Packaging

Forests are one of the invaluable resources of the planet. They store over one billion tons of carbon or almost twice the amount available in the atmosphere.

Forests are a unique natural and ecological system for filtering groundwater and surface water, a natural barrier against erosion and floods, a refuge for many animal populations, a major factor in maintaining the carbon-oxygen balance in the atmosphere and more. The use of European forests for paper and board production is the subject of sustainable forestry, where each stage of timber processing is monitored and certified according to PEFC (Forest Certification Scheme) and FSC (Forest Management Organization). .

A little-known fact is that in their growth phase, trees absorb carbon dioxide, which passes through the wood into the final product - cardboard. During the recycling of cardboard packaging, carbon is retained in it and this prevents it from being re-introduced into the atmosphere. In this way, cardboard and cardboard products are actively involved in forestry and environmental protection. Many of the world's manufacturers are switching to environmentally friendly packaging materials. At a time when trademark piracy did not exist, the only guarantee of consumer confidence was packaging. In addition to identification, the packaging served to establish a long-term relationship with consumers, as well as an indicator of product quality.

An example of a brand that has caused a huge change in the world of packaging is the well-known Dr. Oetker, which in the year of its creation, launched its first product - Backin. Initially, powdered leavening agents were sold in paper bags, but for convenience, they were later replaced by cardboard boxes. The product became so popular with households that between 1891 and 1906 it sold 50 million packs.

Some of the products offered by Fragrance Bulgaria are in cardboard packaging made of recycled paper, and in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, they are not colored, as the paints used for coloring the packaging are usually harmful to the environment. Fragrance Bulgaria has contracts with leading importers of perfumes and in turn you, our customers and consumers, can always verify the authenticity of your products by contacting them if you wish. Pazaruvaj - Надежден помощник за покупки